Avoid a DWI in Collin County this July 4th Weekend

With July 4th falling on Monday this year many of you will turn it into a long weekend of fun, family, friends and parties. Law enforcement will also be out in full force this weekend due to the increase in crowds and especially the increase in alcohol consumption.

Drinking & Driving in Collin County Will Result in a DWI
If you are pulled over this holiday weekend and you have been drinking there is a very good chance you will be arrested. While mistakes certainly happen, it is important to know your rights. Be sure to contact your lawyer as soon as possible. It is best practice to have your lawyers phone number saved in your cell phone. My number is (903) 870-8662.
If you are going to consume alcohol, be sure to have someone to drive sober. If you cannot find a designated driver, just download the Lyft or Uber App on your smartphone and enter your credit card information. When you are ready to go home, simply request a ride and a driver will come to your exact location.
Remember you also can get a DWI on the lake too, known as BWI (Boating While Intoxicated). Your outing to the lake quickly changes when a law enforcement vessel approaches and boards your boat to do a safety inspection. After they ask to see the number of life preservers on board, the discussion turns quickly to the smell of alcohol coming from your breath.

The Bottom Line
A DWI arrest does not mean you will be convicted. There are many factors that can influence your case. Remember, if you get stopped, exercise your right to remain silent. Ask to call your Collin County Criminal Attorney. Stop reading this now and add my phone number to your cell phone (903) 870-8662.
While no one should even drive when they are intoxicated, it’s a safe bet that your chances for getting caught go up around the holidays. Drink and drive responsibly. And even if you aren’t drinking make sure you use extra care – and watch out for the other drivers on the road this holiday weekend.

Wishing you a safe and happy July 4th!

If You’re Out Celebrating on Super Bowl Sunday With Alcohol, Remember to Find a Safe Ride Home

We love football! We love Super Bowl parties! Even if you are not a football fan, Super Bowl parties are great fun. Many of us host parties with our favorite drinks and secret recipes for wings and hot sauce. But plan ahead for a safe ride home because police departments across the country will be out in force.

Because of the increased drinking that occurs with Super Bowl events there will be an increased police presence, including DWI checkpoints and police stops for suspicion of “drunk driving.” No matter how careful you are driving the police will pull you over for any traffic violation, however minor it may seem. They can even follow you and wait for you to commit a traffic violation.

If you want to drink, plan ahead. Figure out what you’re going to do to avoid drinking and driving. Whether that means walking home or hitching a ride from someone who won’t be drinking at all. We want you to have a great time, but be safe.

If you or someone you love is arrested for DWI on Super Bowl Sunday make the right play and contact Rosenthal & Wadas at 877-538-8640.

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