Getting a Divorce – Now What

Choosing to dissolve a marriage can be a difficult decision. But once you’ve made that first step, you may find that the entire divorce process is much harder than you originally thought. You will have to make decisions on important issues regarding your finances and properties. If both of you share children, you and your spouse will have to decide on how to split parenting time between your households.

When a couple splits, the primary goals of the divorce process are to establish an equitable distribution of marital assets and debts. Each spouse will need to have an idea of how they will pay and maintain a new residence and maintain the marital residence. You need an experienced Collin County divorce attorney to help you through this process.

In order to get your fair share during divorce settlement negotiations it is imperative that you know what is owned and what is owed. This is a two-step process:

Determine what you own: Some marital assets are clearly shared and can be split equitably. Other assets including artwork, pension plans, inheritances or belongings brought into the marriage may be rightfully yours to take after a divorce.

Determine what you owe: Marital debt will be split based on who is more financially able to pay the debt, not by whose name the debt is in. The easiest way to determine marital debt is to get a copy of your credit report. Any debt you have will be listed on your report.

I can assist you with paperwork, resolve disputes, finding amicable solutions and even protecting your rights in court if necessary. I understand the value of reaching fair and amicable resolutions that preserve harmony in relationships. Call my office and set an appointment 972-369-0577.

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