Good Advice From a Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is a stressful time. Divorce attorneys work hard to achieve favorable and fair results for their clients. Here are a few tips you’re better off knowing that will influence your relationship with your lawyer and the value they provide to you.

1. The court system is much different than what you see on TV
Court TV has most people convinced legal proceedings are interesting and short-lived. The cold, hard truth is that some divorces can last months or even a year. How quickly you get divorced in Texas depends on you and your spouse being able to cooperate and reach agreements.

2. Be Honest with your attorney
You need to provide your attorney with all key facts so they can analyze your case properly and give you appropriate advice. Even if you hide something from your attorney, the facts may very well come out anyway. Your failure to be up front may harm your case and your ability to obtain a good result.

3. Clients pay for an attorney’s time
Most attorneys charge on an hourly basis, which is stated in your retainer agreement. Your attorney will contact you when they need something from you. There are periods in every case where nothing is going on and there is down time. Your attorney should give you periodic updates on the status of things and it’s ok to check in yourself, but daily calls are unnecessary and only run up your bill.

Contact my office if you are planning to file for divorce and we will discuss your individual case. I work to ensure every client has the information and family law resources they need to understand the divorce process and know what to expect. Ryan Kreck Criminal and Family Law Attorney 972-369- 0577.

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