Hosting a Memorial Day Weekend Party – Know Your Legal Responsibilities

Planning on hosting a party this Memorial Day weekend? If you are going to be a host, remember that serving alcohol to your guests can pose inherent safety risks as well as criminal liability.

Some of the highest incidents of DWI occur between the weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day. There are several things you can do as a host and guest to prevent you and loved ones from getting a DWI or causing an accident that injures someone else.

  • Plan ahead. Choose a designated driver or call a taxi cab. Uber is another great and convenient option to avoid driving.
  • Limit your number of drinks. Everyone processes alcohol differently and heat and dehydration may cause you to drink faster. Remember that even if you are “buzzed” you can still be charged with DWI.
  • If you are a party guest or host and notice someone who has had too much to drink, you are in the crucial position of making sure they get home safely.

If you are serving alcohol, you have even more responsibility. Even if you didn’t know your guest was under 21, you may be subject to criminal prosecution for serving alcohol to a minor.

The best advice is to use common sense and don’t let your party guests get out of control. If your best-laid plans fail to keep you out of trouble and you end up getting arrested this weekend, the single best thing you can do to protect yourself, your rights and your interests moving forward is to contact a Collin County defense lawyer.

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