Modifying Child Visitation Agreements

If you went through a divorce and share children, you likely agreed to a child visitation agreement that took into consideration both of your circumstances at the time. Or you had the court decide the ultimate terms of the visitation order. However, as your circumstances – or those of your former partner or the child’s– have changed, it may become necessary to make modifications to your visitation agreement so that it continues to protect your best interests of that of your children.

While it may become necessary for you and your family to modify the terms of your visitation agreement, I have commonly helped clients pursue modifications under the following circumstances:

  • A parent struggles with substance abuse
  • A parent endangers the child
  • Persistent violations of the existing visitation agreement
  • Living situation of one or both parents has changed
  • Domestic abuse affects the child
  • Extracurricular activities of the child
  • Child alienation
  • Enforcement of possession schedule
  • Other criminal activity

I understand the difficult emotional issues that come with child custody and visitation in divorces and other family law disputes. I offer aggressive and compassionate representation, taking the time to learn your objectives so that we can formulate a strategy to get the outcome you are looking to receive or to prepare for a request for modification from the other parent. Protecting the best interests of my clients and their family is my goal as they are going through a modification suit. To review the details of your circumstances call my office at 972-369-0577 today.

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