When Family Law Meets Criminal Law

Although family law and criminal law are very different areas of law, they frequently overlap. When a family law case involves allegations of criminal law, the case becomes more complicated for the family law practitioner. Hiring an attorney with experience in both areas can be a benefit to you and your case.

As an attorney who handles criminal and family cases, I can represent you regarding all related issues and advise you regarding your best available legal options. Although family law is very different from criminal law, an understanding of the implications and interconnection between the two allows me to better protect and advise my clients in cases involving domestic violence.

Some legal issues require both criminal law and family law experience. For example, a divorce in which domestic violence is an issue is one case where a multifaceted lawyer can come in handy. Similarly, a divorce case in which child abuse and neglect play a role could benefit from an attorney who has practiced in both areas of law. Having an attorney with experience in both family and criminal law can help you regardless if you are the one being accused of the wrongdoing or you are the spouse. My experience in these areas of both these areas of the law allow me as your attorney to assist dealing with the District Attorney’s office, CPS, and law enforcement while you are preparing to move forward with your divorce.

If you have both a criminal case and family court case pending, hiring different lawyers for both cases can be very expensive. It is always helpful to have an attorney who knows both sides of the law when working on your case. If you need assistance with your case contact my office to schedule a consultation to discuss your pending matters.

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